Contribute, Learn, and Influence Global Industry Consensus Standards

Graphic courtesy of AMPP.

Standards from the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) are designed to enable commerce, facilitate agreement between buyers and sellers, assist in meeting regulatory requirements, and define methods of testing. 

As such, AMPP’s corrosion and coatings standards fill the standardization needs of industries, with a focus on the impact of emerging technologies, new materials and capabilities, and regulatory requirements.

Standards Committees (SCs) within AMPP provide professionals with a platform for sharing subject matter expertise, expanding and enhancing their professional footprint, and making an impact on technology and industry. 

AMPP SCs are responsible for the generation, publishing, and maintenance of all AMPP products that require a consensus-driven process. Information on how to join a committee or purchase standards is available at the link below.

Source: AMPP,