Sherwin-Williams Wins Global Tank Storage Award

Neil Wilds (center), from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine, poses with two presenters in accepting the Emerging Technology Award at the Global Tank Storage Awards for Heat-Flex 7000. Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine.

In an emailed press release, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) announced that Heat-Flex 7000 — a recently launched thermal insulative coating system from the company — earned a Gold Emerging Technology Award for the 2024 Global Tank Storage Awards. 

A single-coat insulative coating system, Heat-Flex 7000 mitigates various risks associated with high-temperature steel storage tanks, such as burns to personnel; vaporization losses from solar heat gain; and the formation of corrosion under insulation (CUI), which poses a threat of catastrophic leaks or explosions. 

At the seventh annual awards — hosted in Rotterdam, Netherlands, earlier this month — participants celebrated and honored innovations in the tank storage industry, commitments to sustainability and safety, and forward-thinking strategies. An international judging panel selected 85 finalists in 12 categories from over 200 worldwide entries. 

The Emerging Technology Award “is given to a cutting-edge technology that allows forward-thinking storage terminals to keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment,” according to Tank Storage Magazine, an industry-leading publication focused on the bulk liquid storage and terminal sector that also conducts the annual international contest. 

“Receiving this honor is both a privilege and a validation of our product development and research teams’ relentless pursuit of solutions to combat CUI for a diverse range of industries,” says Neil Wilds, global product director, CUI/Testing for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine. “We’re proud that Heat-Flex 7000 is being recognized as a breakthrough in insulative coatings by providing enhanced personnel safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness across a range of applications. Following our Heat-Flex 7000 CUI-Mitigation portfolio earning a 2023 Vaaler Award, and now with Heat-Flex 7000 winning Gold for Emerging Technology at the Global Tank Storage Awards, the industry is poised to continue the fight against eliminating CUI.” 

Launched in fall 2023, Heat-Flex 7000 uses advanced technology to create a thick, fully cured film with a high volume, effectively preventing heat transfer between the underlying substrate and the surface. The coating system ensures insulation remains unaffected by moisture, removing the need for frequent inspections and potentially replacing conventional cladded insulation systems. It also retains process heat effectively and maintains consistent thermal efficiency, even in wet conditions. 

Suitable for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor environments across industries like oil and gas, food and beverage, mining, power generation, and chemical processing, Heat-Flex 7000 also has a streamlined application process, reducing installation time, maintenance, and associated costs.