AMPP Members Publish New Book on Tropical Marine Corrosion

Book cover via Bud Ross and Jim Jenkins.

Unrelenting corrosive action of the marine tropical environment—sea air, sea spray, and seawater—may result in materials destruction and equipment failures in a matter of hours.

Corrosion failures of infrastructure and process equipment often lead to expensive downtime of industrial facilities with loss of production, costly maintenance, and repair of equipment. 

Other consequences of corrosion may be deleterious effects (leaks) on the environment; fines; increased governmental regulations; and even worse, injuries and fatalities to persons in the immediate area of an industrial event. 

As such, the objective of a new book from AMPP members Bud Ross and Jim Jenkins is to provide information to designers, engineers, and operators on how to control corrosion and prevent industrial events which may adversely affect people, the environment, and process facilities.

Titled “Control of Corrosion in Tropical Marine Industrial Processing Facilities,” this book provides guidelines for the selection of materials, design, construction, maintenance, and repair of the non-process side of components and infrastructure utilized in industrial process plants and facilities located in tropical marine environments.

It is written by recognized experts, with each having over 50 years of experience with the subject. The following topics are covered extensively: 

  • A tutorial on forms of tropical marine corrosion;
  • Comprehensive corrosion data to use in the selection of materials (metals, alloys, non-metallics, coatings, and composites) used in seawater; 
  • Methods for corrosion mitigation.
  • Materials selection methodology;
  • Corrosion control design strategies, including features to avoid and alternative designs;
  • Construction practices for operations and maintenance;
  • Corrosion problems unique to tropical marine environments;
  • Pitfalls and solutions within infrastructure and process equipment.

According to the authors, the purpose of this book is to provide a practical and easily understood resource for engineers, designers, operators, and others tasked with materials selection for land-based industrial process facilities that operate in tropical marine environments. The information is also of use to facilities located in other marine or seawater locations.

“Jim Jenkins, a longtime member of AMPP and NACE International, is a colleague of mine, and we have worked together primarily in the marine industry since 1968,” Ross says.

“Jim is a retired corrosion engineer who worked for the U. S. Navy as a civilian employee for over 35 years in Port Hueneme, California,” he adds. “This book is a very comprehensive collection of seawater corrosion data and filled with practical information on various applications of materials for industrial plants (chemical, petrochemical, electric power, etc.) and other facilities.”

The book is available for purchase at