In this exclusive series, Materials Performance (MP) Editor Rebecca A. Bickham and News Editor Ben DuBose interview a wide range of corrosion experts to bring you the latest news and information on key technologies and industry trends. Episodes on this page are from July 2021 and newer. Archived episodes from earlier dates are available here.

In the Mix: Tips to Choose the Right Coating Solution

Winn Darden, North American business manager for LUMIFLON fluoropolymer resins, shares his perspective on key decision-making processes pertaining to paints and coatings. This sponsored show explores how experts can develop strategic planning approaches that best adapt to current structural and future market demands.

Discussion topics include the details of LUMIFLON and how it works in tandem with coatings; industry trends and feedback from the market segments it plays in; the role of new and emerging technologies; and educational resources available to assist in these challenges.

Composites Pave the Way to Pipeline Facility Integrity

In this episode, CSNRI engineers Aleese Post (left) and Casey Whalen explain how and why composites are able to give pipeline facility operators an often overlooked tool for fighting corrosion. Composites can provide a permanent and strong repair, as well as minimize future needed maintenance.

For more information, visit CSNRI’s web site.

How New Technologies Are Assisting AkzoNobel’s Fight against Corrosion

Jeff Jirak, managing director of AkzoNobel’s global powder coatings business, explains how new coating technologies are helping to mitigate corrosion in the built environment. The show also explores the manufacturer’s recent development partnership with CoatingAI, which aims to assist contractors and installers with application processes while reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information, visit: U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partners, Interpon, AkzoNobel on LinkedIn

Master Painters Institute Unveils Decision Tree Tools

The Master Painters Institute (MPI) recently introduced its newest solutions to streamline the process of specifying coatings. As part of this effort, MPI Decision Tree Tools offers a digital interactive guide prompting users to select the most suitable system and products for their commercial and architectural projects, whether for new construction or restorative/repair works. 

Pam Nicoletti, president of MPI, explains how these tools encompass all project variables while significantly reducing manual efforts.

Revisiting Assumptions about Primers in Immersion Service

In a recently published white paper, experts at Induron examined the expected service life of coatings for potable water linings while combining that knowledge with an interpretation of the total applied costs of these systems.

On this sponsored podcast, Induron’s William “Bill” Seawell, technical service manager, and Andy Odorzynski, national sales manager, elaborate on expectations for water tank primers (both zinc and epoxy); how corrosion processes work; and the most important properties a water tank primer should have.

Founded in 1947 and based in Birmingham, Alabama, Induron produces high-performance coatings to serve a wide range of industrial applications. These applications include industries such as wastewater, electrical transmission and distribution, and potable water storage and treatment.

Source: Induron Protective Coatings, www.induron.com.

GPT Offers New Approach to Managing Remote Asset Integrity

This sponsored episode features Ian Kinnear, product manager at GPT Industries, and Gabriel “Gabe” Gonzales, senior research and development engineer.

As part of a roundtable discussion, Kinnear and Gonzales explore the company’s continued development of remote pipeline monitoring technologies and how GPT’s IsoSmart solution can monitor critical parameters. The guests also share their perspectives regarding the future of integrity monitoring.

Source: GPT Industries, www.gptindustries.com.

One AMPP: Amir Eliezer on Board Transition and Beyond

Amir Eliezer, Immediate Past Chair of the AMPP Board of Directors, explains his leadership journey within the association and his current role leading the transition team to merge the AMPP Board and the AMPP Global Center Board. Discussion topics include the merger's implications for members and the industry; updates on the ongoing process and opportunities to get involved; key takeaways from the recently completed 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo; and much more.

With a “stronger together” vision, AMPP is always welcoming new users and members, and we are grateful for our talented volunteers and staff.

Source: AMPP Podcasts, www.ampp.org/publications/digital-link/podcasts.

How AMPP Is Boosting Its Sustainability Efforts in 2024

In a panel discussion, member leaders Dawn Eden and Sandy Williamson join Ben DuBose, News Editor with AMPP Publications, to explore the association’s latest efforts and intel related to materials sustainability.

Topics discussed on the podcast include what’s new within AMPP’s Sustainability Task Force; key takeaways and insights from the recently completed 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo; and what they see on the horizon as AMPP ramps up its global outreach around this fast-paced growth topic.

Source: AMPP, www.ampp.org.

Stronger Together: Amplify Your Voice at AMPP’s Advocacy Day

In a roundtable featuring representatives from AMPP’s member leaders and staff, Kimberly-Joy Harris, Elaine Bowman, and Tim Gonzalez share their perspectives on the importance of participating in AMPP’s annual Advocacy Day (May 15-16, 2024).

Discussion topics include tips to effectively advocate for the materials protection industry; how advocating at the government level can impact our field; specific pieces of U.S. legislation that AMPP is focused on this year; and recent additions to the advocacy campaign, such as the Corrosion and Coatings Political Action Committee (PAC) and the new International Advocacy Program.

For more information, visit the AMPP Advocacy Day web page.

Establishing the Value of Third-Party Coating Inspectors

Photo courtesy of OMC.


Ryan Bingham, business development leader at third-party inspection services provider OMC International, LLC, shares his insight regarding the value that qualified coating inspectors can have within the industry. 

Discussion topics on this episode include trends and common pain points from clients; how technologies and demands continue to evolve; the unique career arc of Bingham and the company; and areas where AMPP can help companies such as OMC achieve their goals while serving the association’s broader mission.

Source: OMC International, LLC, www.omcintllc.com.

How AMPP’s 2024 Flagship Event Meets Industry Needs

Gregory Muha, Director of Conferences, Exhibits, and Sponsorships, joins our interview series with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

Held from March 3-7 in New Orleans, discussion topics include what members can expect at the show; highlights of the 2024 schedule; feedback-based changes from previous years; and how the latest version of the conference serves the needs of AMPP members and the broader industry.

Source: AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, ace.ampp.org.

Introducing AMPP’s 2024 Whitney Award Winner

Dr. Sanna Virtanen, Professor for Surface Science and Corrosion in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Germany’s Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg, is the 2024 recipient of AMPP’s prestigious Willis Whitney Technical Achievement Award.

In this roundtable conversation also featuring Raul Rebak of GE Global Research and Dr. John Scully of the University of Virginia, Dr. Virtanen shares highlights from her distinguished career and lessons learned for the next generation, along with insight on what the Whitney Award means to her career.

Rebak and Dr. Scully — who currently serve as AMPP’s Program Committee Chair and Task Force Chair, respectively — add perspective on the AMPP Awards process and the ways in which winners will be honored and celebrated at the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in March.

Source: AMPP Awards, www.ampp.org/membership/member-resources/awards

How Infrastructure Insurance Relates to Corrosion Engineering Systems

Tony Serdenes, Nick Kuntz, and David A. Scotti.

As part of a new task force, the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) is bringing together stakeholders from a variety of roles to better understand the relationship that corrosion engineering systems have within the infrastructure insurance industry. 

In this conversation, members involved with that task force—GPI’s Tony Serdenes, Nick Kuntz of Alliant Insurance Services, and David A. Scotti of Scotti Law Group—share their perspectives on challenges and best practices that could benefit those involved in designing, specifying, supplying, and performing those services, specifically as they relate to insurance and risk management. 

The roundtable discussion also explores various paths that AMPP can take to address those challenges, as well as ways in which our industry can work together to develop best practices for risk management and insurance needs.

Source: AMPP Podcasts, www.ampp.org/publications/digital-link/podcasts.

Coatings Knowledge for Non-Coating Inspectors: Why It Matters

On April 30 and May 1 in Houston, AMPP is welcoming members and guests throughout the industry to the first Coatings for Non-Coating Inspectors conference. Jorge T. Reyna, conference chair and a certified inspector (JRSA Inspections) and instructor, explains the many benefits for attendees and how it all came to be.

Topics discussed include key challenges that non-coating inspectors often face; why a better understanding of coatings can enhance the overall effectiveness of non-coating inspectors; areas in which their roles are changing; and strategies to bridge the gap between traditional inspection practices and the specialized knowledge required to understand coatings.

For more information, visit AMPP’s Coatings for Non-Coating Inspectors web site.

Satellite or Cellular? Evaluating Pipeline Integrity Monitoring Solutions

When considering remote monitoring units (RMUs) for pipeline integrity monitoring, one of the biggest decisions is whether to select an RMU system that uses cellular technology to transmit data, or to purchase units that send data via satellites.

Polly Stewart, head of marketing and legal insight at Abriox, joins this sponsored Materials Performance (MP) podcast to discuss how both platforms work; what users need to consider when selecting cellular or satellite-based RMUs; and which, as a technical engineering expert, Abriox prefers.

Source: Abriox, www.abriox.com