Stephanie Chizik, editor for AMPP Publications, and Joel Svendsen, president of Belzona, discuss the 70-year history of Belzona and what the future will bring. Learn more about Belzona at

The patented, customizable UltraBox™ modular junction boxes from Dairyland feature easy access and the ability to add, remove, or reposition components at any time giving customers complete control.

Rebecca Bickham shares information on our October 2021 issue, with a focus on corrosion of bridges, highways, and piers.

MP Editor, Jack Tinnea shares information on our September 2021 issue, with a focus on corrosion in the power industry.

Materials Performance Editor, Rebecca Bickham talks to Alec Cusick, Technical Services Engineer at Owens Corning about the risk factors of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) and strategies to mitigate it - Including CUI on stainless steel used in sensitive industries.

President of Dairyland Electrical, Mike Tachick, shares the design story of PCRX, the first solid-state decoupling device on the market to feature camouflage technology rendering it virtually invisible to interrupted survey testing.

In this video, MP Editor, Jack Tinnea shares features in our July 2021 Buyers Guide. Be sure to look out for our CORROSION 2021 recap in this issue as well.

Here is a look at the future of underwater infrastructure, ship, and submarine inspection using a snake-like robot.

This advanced, switch-mode CP power supply is durable, provides clean, efficient DC power and many excellent features.

In this video, MP Editor Rebecca Bickham and Colin Bateman with Integrated Global Services, Inc. discuss the cost of corrosion and evaluating alternatives – including the evolution of thermal spray. Download the white paper here.

Corrpro honors its co-founder and Aegion Senior Fellow for his NACE  2021 Fellow award and for his over 40 years of contributions to Corrpro and the corrosion engineering community.

Guided Ultrasonics Limited CEO David Alleyne explains how GUL’s monitoring technology uses guided waves to monitor corrosion in hard-to-access areas, with the ability to monitor large areas.

In this video, MP Editor, Rebecca Bickham shares our special features, including an article about specifications of certain types of galvanic anodes, how to address the problem of elemental sulfur formation from black powder deposits, and much more.

Magneto Special Anodes, part of Evoqua Water Technologies, discusses their expertise in the electrochemical industry – and their ability to provide customized anode solutions for OEMs and system integrators.

OLI Systems, Inc. is celebrating 50 years—and the release of the OLI Systems Platform V11—a Quantum Leap in the development of this software. To find out more view the video.