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Submitting Your Manuscript through MP’s Online Paper Tracking System

Materials Performance (MP), published monthly, is the world's largest circulation journal dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control.

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MP accepts manuscripts submitted online through ScholarOne.TM

Acceptance Criteria

MP accepts manuscripts focusing on corrosion-related topics that support one of its five main categories:

• Coatings and linings

• Cathodic protection

• Chemical treatment

• Materials selection and design

• Corrosion management

This includes case histories, failure analyses, and Phorgotten Phenomena, which should summarize a field experience and include descriptions of the specific settings, the problems involved, the remedies selected, and the outcomes.

Manuscripts considered for MP should have significant permanent value and should accomplish at least one of the following objectives:

• Contribute to the awareness of corrosion phenomena.

• Advance understanding of fundamental corrosion processes.

• Further the knowledge of techniques and practices used to reduce corrosion.

Manuscript Format

In general, manuscripts submitted for publication in MP should contain the following components in the order listed:

• Title, Author Name(s), and Affiliation(s)

• Abstract

• Key Words

• References

• Tables

• Figures and Figure Captions

Publication Procedures

• Unless specified otherwise in the submission, all correspondence regarding the manuscript will be directed to the primary author.

• NACE International requires the author of a submitted manuscript to notify the association with a letter of submission if all or any portion of an article has been published previously.

• Full references and complete documentation of permission to use previously published material must be submitted with the manuscript.

• Authors will be required to transfer copyright of the complete manuscript to NACE, using the NACE Transfer of Copyright form.

Review and Approval

Upon submission into MP Paper Tracker, manuscripts are assigned a manuscript number and forwarded to the MP technical editors. The technical editors will then review the manuscripts. The manuscripts may submitted by the technical editors to anonymous reviewers, who will assist in determining whether the manuscript should be accepted for publication.

The corresponding author will be notified of the manuscript’s status within three months of submitting a manuscript online—whether it is accepted for publication, requires additional work before it can be accepted, or is unsuitable for MP.

Upon acceptance, the technical editors select the appropriate issue for publication and the corresponding author will be advised of the publication date. Articles typically are scheduled for publication in an issue where the article content best supports the editorial theme. All articles are edited for grammar, technical language, and conformance with NACE style; and the corresponding author is provided with a final proof to review prior to publication.


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