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Innovative Stone-Based Insulation for Enhanced Water and Fire Protection

Water and fire. The ancient Greeks considered them two of the fundamental elements of matter; at the modern industrial plant, however, they bring unwelcome risks and challenges.

Stone Wool Insulation Advances Improve Water Repellency to Stay Ahead of CUI

The next-generation ProRox® Mat (Wrap) MA 960 with WR-Tech™ provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation performance and CUI protection for large-diameter pipework, vessels, columns, and other plant applications requiring design flexibility.

ROCKWOOL Introduces ProRox Mat (Wrap) Insulation with WR-Tech Water Repellant Technology

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, a subsidiary of the international ROCKWOOL Group, is the worldwide market leader in technical insulation for the process industry as well as marine & offshore.

American Innovations

Remain in Compliance with the PCS Compliance Ecosystem

Due to transforming regulatory requirements, such as the PHMSA Mega Rule, navigating compliance requirements for your corrosion control program in 2023 can be challenging for pipeline operators.

PHMSA Mega Rule: Complying with Cathodic Protection Requirements

On September 9, 2010, a 30-inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline in San Bruno, CA ruptured and released vast quantities of natural gas. The escaping gas ignited and initiated structure fires in the community surrounding the pipeline.

Final Expanded PHMSA Mega Rule: Your Guide to Compliance Through Cathodic Protection, Pipeline Mapping, and More

Over the past decade, you’ve likely heard plenty about the PHMSA Mega Rule. As new regulations roll out, it’s vital to assess how they’ll impact your operations and what steps to take to be in compliance.

EDDYFI Technologies

Remote-Field Array (RFA) Technology for Ferrous Tubing Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of tubing and surfaces relies on several techniques which depend on the application and the material involved.


Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is your trusted partner for materials and equipment that meet your most demanding application challenges.

Coatings Solutions: Z-Jet

Saint-Gobain applies material science and processing expertise to develop innovative materials and solutions for a wide range of coating technologies, including Thermal Spray, Hardfacing, Magnetron Sputtering, and EB-PVD.

Dairyland Electrical Industries

Dairyland’s PCRX Is the Most Advanced Decoupler In the World

Pipeline companies utilize cathodic protection to overcome external corrosion concerns. Owner interest in extending the life of the asset also generally includes addressing safety grounding concerns, which are typically accomplished by solid-state decoupling products.

Owens Corning

H20, It’s Time You Go: Cellular Glass Insulation Spacer System Drains Moisture, Mitigates CUI Risk

The development of corrosion on metal piping or under insulation presents a major source of risk for industrial facilities, especially offshore oil and gas sites. Damage caused by corroded pipes can lead to unexpected facility downtime and expensive repairs.

Mitigating Corrosion Under Insulation in Petrochemical Applications

The petrochemical industry is used to adapting to changing markets and conditions, but with the current challenges of oil supply volatility and the COVID-19 epidemic, plants and operations are finding themselves needing to develop even more strategies for coping with rapid change.

Control of Corrosion Under Insulation

The selection of the proper insulation system is an important factor when designing facilities. Learn the benefits of FOAMGLAS® insulation to help limit corrosion under insulation.


Solution Spot

We are fortunate enough to have some of the most knowledgeable and tenured experts in the industry within the Carboline family. We share our knowledge with our customers daily, from our Technical Service Engineers to our Sales Reps. Although this has been our practice since we started in 1947 we wanted to take it a step further.


SCADA vs THE IIoT: What are the considerations and why do they matter?

When it comes to complex engineering problems, particularly in industrial sectors like oil and gas, power generation, or water & wastewater management, decisions need to be made based on the best data available and traditionally Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have been the primary source of data for engineers.

Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Evolution: Overcoming Difficult, New Challenges with Advanced Technology

The CP industry is incredibly dynamic with constant change in regulations, technology development, new products and best practices.


Reliable Corrosion Measurements via Electrochemistry

Over the past three decades, several methods have been introduced to measure and monitor corrosion. While many of these traditional methods, such as weight loss or spray test analysis, are quick and cost-effective, they can only offer a qualitative overview of the process.

GPT Industries

Redefining the Flange Isolation Gasket

Glass reinforced epoxy gaskets were a significant improvement over prior isolation technologies, such as phenolic gaskets, which were in use since the early 1900’s. GRE has now been used to isolate pipelines in a broad range of industries for close to 50 years.