Redesigned Web Site Offers Corrosion Inhibitors for Concrete Structures

The redesigned web site offers a fresh look at extending the service life of concrete structures with novel corrosion inhibitors. Photo courtesy of Cortec.

A redesign of the Mitigating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI) web site by corrosion control technologies group Cortec (St. Paul, Minnesota) offers a fresh look at extending the service life of concrete structures.

On the web site, the company offers its products within a vastly improved online user experience and connects visitors to industry news, learning resources, and more. Visitors can browse newsletters, read the latest news releases about the products, or watch videos on the effects of corrosion and potential protection solutions—such as the company’s inhibitors.

These inhibitors can extend the service life of new structures by proactively delaying the onset of corrosion and keeping rates low after initiation, the company explains. 

In rehabilitation projects, the application of these inhibitors can penetrate a considerable distance to significantly reduce the corrosion rate by up to 80%, the company says. The products maintain structural integrity, rehabilitate vulnerable structures, and also alleviate environmental concerns.

For easier navigation, the web site organizes the inhibitors by the product categories of admixtures, surface treatments, restoration, and specialty. Each category’s webpage contains an overview and further organizes products into dropdown lists by subset. 

Source: Cortec MCI,

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