Mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation with Enhanced Water Repellency

The task of mitigating corrosion under insulation (CUI) is an industry challenge. It is important to choose an insulation material with key characteristics that help prevent water from taking hold of the system. Wet insulation offers reduced performance and leads to water trapped underneath or in the insulation material, which may cause corrosion of unprotected metal.


Design and Verification of Cathodic Protection Systems Based on Modeling

Corrosion damages cost more than $2.5 trillion USD each year worldwide. CP is a commonly used method to mitigate corrosion and increase the lifetime of systems prone to corrosion. Modeling and simulation of corrosion and CP systems can be used to optimize the protection systems and reduce costs by orders of magnitude.

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Changing Pipeline Conditions: Are GRE Isolation Gaskets Keeping Up?

In this webinar we explore the changing conditions affecting pipeline isolations. In particular the knock-on affects to pipeline isolation, corrosion migration, Installation practices, gasket permeation and hydotesting process.

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Industrial Applications: ProRox® vs. Calcium Silicate

Both stone wool and calcium silicate are commonly specified insulation materials for high-temperature (up to 1200°F) applications in industrial settings. Selecting an insulation for these important systems requires an understanding of the critical properties that will not only satisfy design requirements, but also contribute to long-term operational success.

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