NACE International Plans New Award for Applied Corrosion Technology

The R. Baboian Award for Applied Corrosion Technology, named after the late Robert Baboian, renowned corrosion engineer and author, will be presented in recognition of outstanding achievement in the application of corrosion control technology.

Presented by NACE International, this award is specifically targeted to field practitioners of corrosion control technology such as inspectors, technologists, and engineers. The nominee must be a current member of NACE in good standing and hold at least one certification issued by the NACE Institute.

The award will be given for a specific, successful application of corrosion control technology and is not intended to recognize achievements in technology research and development. The application must demonstrate innovation, durability, or utility in corrosion control.

The application should show success or utility in addressing the challenge, with nominations for the 2019 award due by June 30, 2018. For more information, visit the web site at

Source: NACE International,