Galvanized Rebar System for Corrosion Protection

Photo courtesy of AZZ Inc.

AZZ Inc. (Fort Worth, Texas, USA) recently released the GalvaBar, a galvanized rebar that can be utilized for a variety of applications, including steel reinforced concrete for bridge decks and highways, and for precast and cast-in-place steel reinforced concrete structures. It can also be used without special equipment and is able to be fabricated after galvanization.


The rebar’s specialized thin zinc alloy coating offers effective corrosion protection while making it to be malleable enough to be bent, twisted, or stretched without any harmful or damaging effects. It is manufactured with minimal exposure to the molten zinc bath and can be applied to all grades of steel for a consistent coating with no risk of embrittlement.


The process for producing the rebar is environmentally sustainable, and free of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants. Manufacturing of this product complies with ASTM requirements A-1094/A and A-1094M-16 for continuous hot-dip galvanized steel bars and concrete reinforcement.


Source: AZZ Inc.,