Software Platform Tool for Corrosion Modeling

Elsyca CorrosionMaster. Photo courtesy of Elsyca NV.

Elsyca NV (Wijgmaal, Brabant, Belgium) has unveiled its CorrosionMaster software platform for identifying corrosion hot spots and predicting corrosion rates.

This computer-aided design-based platform simulates the inherent corrosion susceptibility of assemblies of various substrates and/or metallic coatings. This enables engineers to evaluate design alternatives and determine the difference in corrosion life of various environments. The technology is based on finite element analysis techniques that solve for potential distribution as a function of material/environment polarization characteristics.

The software defines a corrosive element as a thin film over the assembly surface, supports temporal discretization (also known as “time stepping”) to determine the accumulation of corrosion damage over the service life of the product. A library of polarization data for standard metals and a supply of polarization data for other metal/environment interactions can also be accessed.

The platform tool includes the brand-new Crevice Corrosion module, which gives users the ability to model the local characteristics of a given crevice to deliver an instantaneous corrosion risk assessment.

Source: Elsyca,