Software Company Releases Updated Pipeline Compliance Programs

American Innovations (Austin, Texas, USA) introduced PCS Axis 1.14 and Survey Viewer 1.14 as the newest additions to the company’s Pipeline Compliance System (PCS) software line. These two product updates are designed to provide offline graphs and grid views of historical data and survey records that determine a facility’s pipeline compliance.

As the latest PCS Axis release, PCS Axis 1.14 can now send historical data for Survey Viewer 1.14’s new Previous Reading feature, thereby allowing analysists to quickly access and compare historical and current data. The software can also create custom facilities such as pressure vessels and facility management equipment in the enhanced Custom Module Manager and add them to other facility-based modules. Other features include an enhanced expression generator that enables users to create nested calculation expressions in PCS and a Field Computer Send menu that displays all facilities on a selected route.

Survey Viewer 1.14, the other updated PCS software, imports and analyzes historical survey data whether users are in the field or away from it. This offline application is compatible with Windows laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Additionally, the PCS software line also supports In-Line Inspection data with a new survey data to be imported, reviewed, and analyzed, as well as align it with other graphable data.

Source: American Innovations,