ChemMasters Introduces Triple Action Lubricant to Protect Metal

Image courtesy of ChemMasters, Inc.

Specialty concrete chemicals manufacturer ChemMasters, Inc. (Solon, Ohio, USA) recently introduced its new Barracuda Triple Action Lubricant, described as an industrial multi-purpose penetrant and lubricant. 

The product has a proprietary formulation that penetrates, cleans, and protects metal. According to the company, it penetrates and helps to break seized fasteners free. With unique chemistry, it works quickly, which attracts it to metal to help break loose corroded bolts, nuts, screws, pipe joints, and other industrial parts. 

The lubricant is also is a strong metal cleaner, and can be used to quickly remove grease, grime, and rust from metal surfaces without requiring harsh solvents or the overpowering odor of other similar products. 

The product can further work as a protectant, removing water with a moisture-displacement property that wicks it away from metal surfaces while providing a thin, imperceptible protective film. According to the company, independent laboratory salt-spray testing has proven its effectiveness as a rust inhibitor on metal surfaces and parts.

The lubricant is also ideal for use on stamping blanks and dies for aluminum, steel coil, sheet stock. Additionally, it rust proofs machine tables, chucks, ways, gears bushings, tools, or implements susceptible to corrosion from high humidity. Further information on the product is available at the company’s website.

Source: ChemMasters, Inc.,