The largest circulation magazine dedicated exclusively to corrosion control and prevention.
The official publication of NACE International. 

Materials Performance delivers content for those who protect the world’s assets and infrastructure from corrosion. Readers are engineers, inspector/coatings inspectors, QA/QC, project manager/supervisors, university professors and researchers, and technicians/technologists. Studies show that it is the most regularly read publication among corrosion professionals (Harvey Ad-Q Research). 

Each month, editors provide in-depth coverage of the work and study of corrosion

New technologies, techniques and methodologies
Editorial content by subject matter experts provides an insider view of corrosion problems and their solutions, covering: 
  •  Materials Selection & Design
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Coating & Linings
  •  Failure Analysis
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Corrosion Management
  • Cathodic Protection

Practical corrosion solutions for key industry segments
  •  Pipelines
  • Tanks
  • Concrete Structures
  • Water & Wastewater Systems
  • Bridges & Highways
  • Refineries & Chemical Processing Plants
  • Offshore Structures
  •  Power
  • Marine

Technical and industry news/information
Delivered through departments such as:
  • Corrosion Basics
  • Product Showcase
  •  Company News
  • NACE Association News

A subscription to Materials Performance includes: 
  • Twelve monthly issues
  • Two topic-specific supplemental issues: 
         o  Corrosion Control of Above- and Underground Storage Tanks
         o  Corrosion Management for Pipeline Integrity
  • Annual MP Buyers Guide, an industry standard providing current listings of manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants of corrosion control products/services

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